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Smart Flight Tracking
And Analysis For
Popular Flight Sims

Tracked and analysed
flights over miles


Flight Simulator Tracking
And Analysis
For Popular Flight Sims

Tracked and analysed
flights over miles
since April 2023
My FS Flights Flight Simulator Tracker Overivew

Flight Simulator Tracker

The My FS Flights application is a comprehensive, yet user-friendly, flight simulator tracker and analyser, it runs in the background on your simulator computer, capturing and analysing your flights in great detail.

Each flight creates ten pages of detailed information, breaking down your flight path into distinct stages, each with detailed data parameters and visuals.

You can view a short flight demonstrating the level of detail captured and the multi-page content you can share with friends:

View Example Flight

These pages are incredibly helpful in identifying areas where you can improve your flying skills by setting goals and tracking your progress.

Whether you are flying across continents, exploring new landscapes, on a bush trip or practising circuits, My FS Flights has got your flights covered.

You can use the Statistics Dashboard to view your flying achievements over different time periods.

Flight Statistics Dashboard

My FS Flights Statistics Dashboard

Discovering and Planning Flights

Are you tired of the same old flight routes?

Do you want to explore new destinations and experience the thrill of flying to uncharted territories?

Look no further than My FS Flights! Our innovative flight search feature suggests ideal routes based on your search filters, providing you with an endless array of options.

Whether you're looking for a leisurely flight over scenic landscapes or a challenging journey through unpredictable weather patterns, we've got you covered.

The user-friendly interface allows you to view search results on a map and customise your route with waypoints or use our SimBrief integration to quickly create a highly detailed flight plan.

Plus, with our automatic upload feature, you can easily transfer your customised route to your simulator.

But that's not all - our streamlined process means that you spend less time preparing flights and more time doing what you love: flying, exploring, and honing your skills.

SimBrief Flight Plan Integration

My FS Flights Flight Plan

Flight Scoring and Comparison

My FS Flights provides a detailed analysis and score for each stage of your flight, helping you quickly pinpoint precisely where you can make adjustments to improve your flights.

Additionally, our platform allows you to view your flight scores and compare, not only with your own average score, but also with the scores of other pilots. This feature also gives you the ability to compare your latest flight against a selection of previous flights to see how you have improved.

The comprehensive leaderboard also allows you to compare your flight time, distance, and country visit achievements rank compared to other pilots.

Not comfortable sharing your flights just yet? No problem, there is a user setting allowing you to keep your flights private if you wish.

Flight Score Comparison

My FS Flights Flight Score Comparison

Live Flight Tracking and Sharing

My FS Flights offers a unique and exciting way for you to connect and share your passion for flying, by sharing your flight progress on a map, you can now give your friends a real-time view of your flight, for a more engaging experience.

But that's not all - detailed flight stage analysis, geotagged screenshots, and aircraft events are also shared live with your audience!

Want to make sure it's a perfect flight before you share, no problem, wait until you arrive at your destination and just share your unique flight link.

Screenshot Gallery

My FS Flights Screenshot Gallery

Share Detailed Flight Profile and Events

My FS Flights Flight Sharing

Flying Circuits

My FS Flights Circuits

Live Flight Tracking

My FS Flights Live Tracking

Takeoff and Landing Reports

The takeoff report provides insights into your runway alignment, roll distance, lift off speed, and climb profile.

Similarly, the landing report tells you about your approach, landing, touchdown and rollout. This information can be used to analyse your glide slope, threshold height, and touchdown speed, allowing you to identify improvement areas for your next landing.

Using the landing history feature, you can compare all previous landing data points in the same aircraft, providing valuable reference and historical comparison. This feature is handy if you are looking to improve your landing technique and track your progress over time.

Section of a Landing Report

landing report

Join My FS Flights Today!

There is so much more to My FS Flights and to experience it, why not give the free trial a go on your next flight!

My FS Flights supports connectivity and flight recording for the following simulators on Microsoft Windows:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020) Microsoft Store, Steam and Boxed versions.
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D versions P3D V4, P3D V5 and P3D V6.
  • Laminar Research X-Plane 11 (XP11) and X-Plane 12 (XP12).

Xbox and macOS platforms are not supported for flight simulator connectivity and flight recording.

The My FS Flights web application works on any web browser and platform including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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Get a Free 14 Day Trial

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Map Styles - satellite, dark and light

Topographical maps

Detailed 3D flight profile

Flight stage details and analysis

Flight takeoff report

Flight landing report

Runway alignment profile

Approach glideslope alignment

Detailed flight logbook

Comprehensive flight ideas generator

Share flight data and screenshots

Leaderboard and achievements

Track places, aircraft, hours and distance

Flight stats and and history dashboard

Flight plan creation, storage and upload

SimBrief planning integration

Cloud storage accessible everywhere

Supports Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane and Prepar3D (64-bit) for Windows (Not for Xbox)

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